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Best to call me to enquire in the first instance to discuss your needs, I’m not doing a lot of PC support work at the moment due to other demands on my time.


Advice on any aspect of computer use in the home or small business, from virus worries to what software you might benefit from or what sort of computer to actually buy.

Having someone to point you in the right direction can go a long way.

Setup of your computer from a brand new box to a fully working system.  I am happy to build a computer to suit your needs.

Remember my main focus is in helping you to get the most from your computer or network.


I am not able to offer a repairs service at the present time.


The basic charge is £60, which will cover up to one hour’s work (there is always enough needing done to use up a whole hour!).  Parts extra, of course.

Subsequent hours are negotiable and charged pro rata, so if you only use another 20 minutes you will only be charged for another 20 minutes.

All work is usually done on your premises (though it may occasionally be required to remove your equipment for specialist attention in the workshop).

Depending on the nature of the work and the amount of time required, the total fee may be negotiated in advance or charged hourly at a pro rata agreed rate.

If paying hourly you will have the option of stopping the work at any time, but computer work can be time consuming and unpredictable so it is not possible to guarantee what stage the work will be at when I stop.  Such is life.

Travel time may be a consideration in charging, depending on the nature and location of the work.

Support on a retainer basis is also available, please enquire.